Joffe Landscape Architects

Joffe Landscape Architects is a Chartered Landscape Architect practice representing clients requiring specialist experience in relation to Paragraph 80, 134 and other rural applications.

Michael Joffe has over 15 years experience across a range of development types including residential, renewables, commercial, education. He has provided Expert Witness at public inquiry, hearings and written representations.

We are strongly principled and solution-focussed, taking as broad or as detailed judgement as required to convert constraints into opportunities. We value a collaborative ethic to develop landscape strategies into multi-functional solutions and encourage where possible, close working with other specialist consultancies.

Our Services:

– Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment;

– Landscape Strategy and Design;

– Landscape Feasibility Appraisals either prior to or following land purchase.

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Paragraph 80 and Rural Development

Our specialism is in Paragraph 80 and isolated dwelling proposals, where our approach has been commended by design review panels for its deep analysis of landscape character and visual amenity, and well considered design objectives. 

Our approach seeks to achieve the following at the earliest stage of proposals:

– the building will be most settled in the landscape, with the best views out;

– visual harm is limited or avoided;

 enhance the defining characteristics from the outset, rather than a retrofit;

– landscape planning policy compliance (if required).


Examples of Our Recent Work

The location of the new building in this Paragraph 80e proposal has been informed by our LVIA findings. The buildings – to be designed in collaboration with Hawkes Architecture, the country’s leading architectural practice in Paragraph 80 proposals, has been informed by a tree placement strategy linked to findings from our comprehensive LVIA. The configuration of spaces, their use, layout and connection to the interior of the buildings are required to respond to universal guidelines for people with autistic spectrum disorder. A tough but deeply rewarding project.

Paragraph 80e for a new dwelling in a disused quarry in the Cotswolds AONB. Working closely with Hawkes Architecture, the buildings respond directly to our LVIA recommendations, to ensure they are in the location of least visual harm, they reference the appearance of this particular quarry, and the layout is configured to reflect historic enclosure in the area derived from our background research. Our landscape strategy achieved a 75% above BNG target, whilst ensuring agricultural management could continue, and received support at all stages of the design review process. 

This Paragraph 80e proposal seeks to convert species poor plantation woodland into species-rich wooded pasture with broadleaf woodland. Circular walks will be provided through rides and glades – these also capturing sun rays to warm different parts of the dwelling designed by Hawkes Architecture, as the sun moves through its daily arc. This proposal received highly positive support from the design review panel.